Welcome to this Mortal Life


There are those that want to be at peace. Humans living in the wilds tech free and at peace with nature are left alone by all but the most violent Fae. When those violent Fae do attack, these humans have no recourse or means to protect themselves. On the other hand, Fae willing to attack these humans are either mindlessly violent, not very bright, or are stuck in the old ways and want tribute to be paid.

Others choose to fight back. Embracing all things that the Fae despise, things like metal, old tech, etc. these humans congregate in old subways, train stations, missile silos, energy plants, prisons, anything with an abundance of metal. They scavenge what they need.,forage at the edge of the wilds as little as possible, and treat those humans who choose to live in the wilds suspiciously.

Your characters belong to the latter group, living in a relatively large human settlement based in the old Underground system of Glasgow.

Welcome to this Mortal Life

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