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Ages ago, almost before human memory, the Fae were worshiped by humans; they were celebrated, feared, sacrificed to. Then, with the dawn of Christianity, and the increasing prevalence of iron weapons, the Fae lost their followers. Humans who once worshiped them as gods now saw them as demons and monsters, hunting them. The Fae were driven Underhill.

Now, humans are broken. They are no longer united following one god, and more importantly their technology has betrayed them. Only the very old ones remember the world as it was before the end came and even they don’t truly know what happened. What everyone can agree upon is that something did happen. Something that destroyed modern civilization and opened the way for the return of old magics.

Biding their time Underhill all this time, the Fae are slowly but surely returning to this world. Embittered by their exile and angered by the broken state in which they find the world, all fault to be laid at humanity’s door, the Fae are not inclined to treat them favorably.

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A New Definition of “Underhill”
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Main Page

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